Zoo Berlin: Panda twins are developing splendidly

The twins of panda lady Meng Meng from Zoo Berlin are less than a month old and are already making real progress. The offspring is getting stronger every day – and of course cuter too!

At the end of August, panda lady Meng Meng gave birth to twins at Zoo Berlin. Since then, the little rascals have been sleeping, eating, squeaking and cuddling on their daily schedule.

Pink in color, with fine white down and an oversized tail, the panda babies didn’t exactly resemble their parents for the first few days after birth.

But that is gradually changing. The two are starting to look like real pandas. Not only are they gaining weight, the black and white coat is gradually showing through. The animal keepers are satisfied with the development of the panda twins.

Incidentally, why pandas get the characteristic spots is not clear. Zoo Berlin writes: “Why giant pandas are colored in this characteristic pattern has always been a mystery. Scientists have never been able to fully clarify whether the black and white fur is advantageous for camouflage, heat regulation or communication with fellow pandas.”

Meng Meng’s two pandas were born on August 31 after a gestation period of 147 days and amidst lots of squeaking. The animals don’t have names yet. So you can be curious!

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