Wolf Lakomi has his stomach scratched and enjoys it

The wolf in the video is called Lakomi and has had a difficult fate. Before she came to the wolf sanctuary where she now lives, she was found in the wild with a harness around her chest that was far too small. Apparently they had been purposefully bred, kept as pets for a while, and then left to fend for themselves. If you look at the animal now, how it enjoys having its tummy scratched, you can’t even imagine what it went through.

When Lakomi was found, she was eight months old but wearing a harness intended for eight-week-old puppies. Her skin had grown over it and the wounds had started to become infected. The poor animal was operated on in the nursing station and the harness was very carefully removed. She has to take medication for several weeks to heal the wound infection that almost took her young life. The caretaker who uploaded Lakomi’s video reports that the wolf was considered to be severely disordered and a hopeless case in the care unit. But after two months of patient approach and training, Schnuffelschnute gradually gained confidence – how much love and gratitude the happy wolf face in the little film now radiates brings tears of emotion to your eyes.

Wolves are the graceful and fascinating ancestors of our dogs - Shutterstock / kochanowski
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12/26/2015 – 12:24 p.m

History lesson: How the wolf became the dog

Today’s dogs are known to be descended from wolves. But how did it happen? Find out below…


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