What Is Family Constellation Therapy Popularized With The Olive Tree Series, What Is It Not?

Let’s end with an opinion against this method.

I realized once again that it was actually very easy to make money when everyone came out of my family knee therapy, which I attended at the insistence of a friend, when it was not that popular yet, and everyone except me was very impressed.

We were all spectators first. A woman who calls herself a psychologist and whom I describe as a moderator told us the essence of this system. It is the case that the traumas of individuals go back generations, their experiences as well as the diseases they have experienced and their reactions to events are determined by the actions or experiences of family members who lived a few generations ago. According to this phenomenon, the experiences of the grandfather, father, grandfather or father (as well as female individuals) experienced, experienced, traumas, regrets, failures, etc. events were transmitted to you through dna and from you to your child.

it wasn’t actually illogical, but everything was very contradictory. The questions in my mind were clear, but perhaps not clear enough to be expressed. So I said to myself, listen without prejudice, don’t laugh, wait, maybe it’s something really scientific. I listened carefully, for me, who has a focus problem, after a certain point, everything got mixed up. Then, sampling was started and volunteers were requested. My friend jumped right in.

Of course, he only talked about the superficial there, even though I knew his distress very well. One of the other volunteers was his grandfather, one was his grandmother, one was his mother, one was his father, and a few were friends and relatives. missing an obese black speaker in the middle, who motivates people and turns heads with his full voice, powerful oratory, and chants. everything else was the same as in those environments. one started to shake, the other gasped, my friend cried and said to his grandmother that I forgive you, and the result; My friend found out that his desire to start a family and increase as he multiplied was excessive, and that the fear of loss affected his life too much, and that his grandfather left his whole family behind and went to Germany as a worker, as a result of the traumas of his grandmother. I did not understand exactly what he was affected by, as he showed the same reactions when he went to the fortune teller. I witnessed something extremely absurd, perhaps because it is too scientific. I have never seen such charlatanism in my life.

Maybe there are those among you who adopt this therapy (!) method, do it or have it done; Maybe there are those who say that I am an expert in this business. maybe this thing that i’m participating in may not even be a real family knee therapy. What I don’t know about may be more than what I know. But whatever happens, you have a society that is hungry for faith. whether you call it family constellation, or release traumas, or cupping or zen teaching. they all have thousands, millions of buyers. If you know people a little, you can make a lot of money. and you’re not the one to get angry.

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