What damage does dog liability insurance cover?

Even if your dog is well-behaved and well-behaved, sudden damage caused by your four-legged friend can always occur. Dog liability insurance covers such claims up to the agreed sum insured. Here you will find some information regarding the services.

What damage does dog liability insurance cover?  — Image: Shutterstock / Jeroen van den Broek

What damage does dog liability insurance cover? — Image: Shutterstock / Jeroen van den Broek

Dog liability insurance covers property damage

In some federal states, dog liability insurance is mandatory. Owners of so-called fighting dogs are even obliged to take out insurance for their animal everywhere. Suppose your dog spots something on the other side of the road and suddenly runs into the street, causing a car to swerve and causing an accident – the cost of property damage can be very high depending on the situation and you as the dog owner have to pay for it financially , if your cold nose is not insured.

Benefits also relate to personal injury

Personal injury or financial loss are also covered by dog ​​liability insurance. For example, if your dog suddenly changes direction while walking because it has spotted something and a cyclist falls, your dog is to blame and you will be prosecuted.

If you don’t have insurance, you will have to pay for any medical expenses in the event of an injury and, in the worst case, even compensate the injured person for life. Incidentally, the insurance cover is usually also active abroad.

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In general, the benefits of dog liability insurance relate to property damage, personal injury and financial loss – here, however, there are cases which, for certain reasons, fall outside the scope of an insurance policy.

Excluded are, for example, damages that can be traced back to particularly dangerous circumstances or intent. This means that the insurance company will not pay out in the event of damage if your dog was off a leash even though it behaved conspicuously or aggressively.

Furthermore, liability does not step in if the damage is reported too late – after about a week. Damage to rented, leased or borrowed items will also not be accepted. Penalties and fines are of course also out of the ordinary.

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