What Causes the Bulge on the Perfect Border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea?

papua new guinea – indonesia border mud tribe The event of gaining land on paper from Indonesia as a result of the goroka tribe lying in the mud…

Mutengke Ronuka, the founder and chief of the tribe, shook the table with all his cowardice while drawing the border. “fuck it” By saying that, the event was sweetened at that moment. The joy of the Indonesian lands, which were won thanks to the slid pen, spread all over the country.

Goroka Tribe

Let’s leave the squeaky aside and explain the real reason for the incident.

The reason for this different view on the border is that the Fly River, which crosses the borders of the two countries, is considered as a natural border:

he still hasn’t escaped being the laughing stock of internet memes.

“When you accidentally slip your finger while drawing with a ruler”

If you want to look at google maps the link is here.

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