Weasel Ozzy dances for joy around stuffed toys

The sweet mouse weasel Ozzy is over the moon. The reason for this is his new toy, a fluffy plush sausage. Full of joie de vivre, the little animal in the video hops, scurries and dances around the cuddly thing and has a lot of fun.

Huuuuiiii, what’s that whizzing across the bed so fast? It’s Weasel Ozzy, who’s really happy about his new fluffy toy. The comment on the YouTube video states that Ozzy performs some kind of war dance. This is a typical behavior of weasels and ferrets when excited. It is possible that they use the seemingly haphazard, chaotic scurrying and scurrying of the hunt to confuse their prey, making it easier for them to catch them.

In the case of tame weasels and ferrets, this hunting behavior is no longer necessary, as they are provided with everything they need by their favorite people. Nevertheless, this funny little dance can be found playing when they have “conquered” or stolen a toy. A bit like cats’ wild five minutes, this behavior shows that a weasel is comfortable and having fun.

Mouse weasels on tour: The small predators are also called dwarf or small weasels - Photo: Shutterstock / Menno Schaefer
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02/23/2015 – 4:50 p.m

That’s how the mouse weasel lives

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