Weasel mom rushes to help her scared baby

Nobody is left behind here: the weasel babies are not yet climbing the wall as skillfully as their mother. It goes without saying that the weasel mama is very careful that none of her little fur balls are left behind. This video shows the cute family climbing action.

“Come on, it’s not difficult at all!” In no time at all, Mama Weasel scurried onto the wall. Your offspring, on the other hand, still have their difficulties with the steep climb to the top. Again and again the weasel boys slip and tumble down the wall again – it’s a good thing that soft grass is waiting for them there. But: “Where is Mom now?” She’s already turning back and checking why her little ones are taking so long.

Gradually, the cute furry friends climb the obstacle. Only a little weasel is still struggling with the ascent. When it’s finally upstairs, the rest of the family has already left. “Hey, where are you all?” The little one seems to be whimpering in panic. Mom comes scurrying back to collect her straggler. “Come on, this side goes down again.” However, the weasel child does not seem to be very enthusiastic about this. It casts a skeptical glance over the edge. But his mother shows no mercy: without further ado she grabs the little scaredy-cat and pulls him behind her.

Mouse weasels on tour: The small predators are also called dwarf or small weasels - Image: Shutterstock / Menno Schaefer

02/23/2015 – 4:50 p.m

That’s how the mouse weasel lives

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