Unusual cuddling friends: cat and lizard cuddling

What is that cute white cat holding on in the video? That looks like a lizard. Indeed, Baby the cat and Charles the lizard are best friends. How cute is this unusual couple cuddling.

It’s really a rare sight: A cat and a reptile. Baby and Charles have been best friends since the lizard came into the family as a cub. According to the video description, the owner was initially worried that baby would react hostilely to Charles – but blow cake: the two friends hit it off right from the start and do everything together, from going for a walk to cuddling and falling asleep.

These eggs are large and have an almost indestructible shell.  Which animal do they belong to?  — Image: Shutterstock / iladm
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03/31/2013 – 6:15 p.m

Guessing game: Which egg belongs to which animal?

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