Turkey’s night campaign made a big impact in the world! They gave place to the fearful expressions of terrorists.

After the bloody attack in Istanbul, a remarkable development took place last night. Turkeylaunched an air operation against terrorist organizations in Syria and Northern Iraq. In the Claw Kılıç Air Operation, which includes Turkish warplanes and SİHAs, terrorist organizations YPG/ pkk‘s positions were hit. International media organizations also gave wide coverage to this development.

French news According to the news of the AFP news agency, the spokesperson of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which has created tension on the Ankara-Washington line due to the backbone of the terrorist organization PKK/YPG/PYD and the support of the USA, also told the relatives of the cities of Aleppo and Hasakah, as well as Kobani. He said he was under target.

Britain also shared the details of the military operation carried out by the TAF in the middle of the night. The UK-based Syrian Human Rights Watch announced that more than 20 air operations were carried out in the operation.

On the other hand, Qatar-based media organization Al-Jazeera gave wide coverage to the military operation. Al-Jazeera published the statements of Mazlum Abdi from the Syrian Democratic Forces on Twitter. Abdi made a worried statement on Twitter after Turkey’s operation. Abdi made the claim that “This operation threatens the whole region”.

On November 13, Syrian terrorist Ahlam Albashir carried out a bomb attack on Taksim Istiklal Street, one of the most popular areas of Istanbul. After the terrorist attack in which 6 people lost their lives and 81 people were injured, Ankara gave the signal that an operation could be carried out in Syria.

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Erdem Aksoy
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