Tips to Increase the Benefit You Will Get from the Delonghi EC685 Espresso Machine

As someone who has been using the delonghi ec685 espresso machine extensively for 3 years, I would like to point out a few issues where you can maximize the benefit you will get from this espresso machine.

1. firstly, the pressure basket is regret

At least for the one used on this machine, I don’t know the others. whatever you do, I recommend you to get a non-pressurized basket. (You can find affordable prices in places such as alibaba, amazon, aliexpress.)

eee, how do I attach it to the portafilter, I am explaining it in item 2.

Pressureless basket vs pressured basket

2. portafilter

I recommend you to buy the portafilter bottomless (bottomless portafilter). The bottom of the existing portafilter in delonghi ec685 can also be cut, it will cost less, but I bought it directly from alibaba, I didn’t have any problems.

bottomless portafilter and other

3. freshly ground coffee

As you know, one of the most important elements of getting a good coffee is to use freshly ground coffee. so (if possible) I recommend getting a good grinder. (I definitely don’t recommend you to buy Delonghi’s own grinder, I bought a sage smart pro grinder, I’m glad, but there are much better ones, of course, it depends on your budget.) So you can find the optimal coffee setting suitable for the machine yourself, this makes your espresso much better quality. .

I used this machine for 1.5 years without a grinder and with a pressure basket. The coffees I had from the coffee shop were choking the machine or it was too bitter/acidic. At that time, the most suitable coffee I could find for this machine was illy’s 250 gr ground coffee.

4. steam wand

I think one of the worst points of the machine is the pannarello wand used. It is very difficult to catch the milk density you need especially for latte type coffees with this bar. I’m not even talking about the fact that the inside of the stick is plastic and the health hazards of this. In parallel with what I wrote above, I recommend you to buy a rancilio silvia steam wand. (Available on amazon and alibaba.) For installation, you need to open the machine and play around a lot (it may be out of warranty), but there are videos on youtube that explain it very well. With this stick, you can reach a near-perfect milk consistency.

Tom’s Coffee Corner

5. milk

Speaking of milk, I suggest you use daily milk as milk, there is a big difference with long-lasting milk if you prefer milk-based coffee. (Atatürk Orman Çiftliği’s daily milk is fine.)

6. descaling

Do the descale thing often. If the water you use is chalky, not doing this descale event regularly will give you a lot of pain in the future.

It should be noted that this machine is an entry class machine.

Not even middle class. That’s why I wrote the above to increase the benefit you can get from this machine. If I were to spend so much more, some of you will say, I would go and buy a better machine, and they are right. however, it is almost impossible to buy a “good” espresso machine for less than 8-9 thousand liras these days. My goal was to use this machine as far as it went and move on to a better machine. however, the flying prices and the increase in the quality of the coffee I got from the machine after the changes I mentioned above made me wait a little longer.

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