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A hamster moving in with you? Then of course he should feel completely comfortable. Read here what you should look out for when choosing a nice, large cage and hamster-friendly equipment.

Hamster Cage: Tips for Choosing and Setting Up - Image: Shutterstock / stock_shot

Hamster Cage: Tips for Choosing and Setting Up – Image: Shutterstock / stock_shot

1. Hamster Cage: Spacious and with great climbing opportunities

If you want to choose a hamster cage, it should be big enough: for a dwarf hamster at least L 80 x W 50 x H 40 cm, for a larger hamster L 100 x W 50 x H 40 cm. The cage should have a deep bottom pan to accommodate a thick layer of bedding for the hamster to dig and dig in. A large cage made of wood and plexiglass, which you can build yourself or get from a pet shop, is often nicer and safer than a wire cage.

2. The sleeping house: For cuddling, hiding and resting

A cozy sleeping hut is very important for hamsters. They hide in it, sleep and hoard their supplies. The house should be spacious and have a large entrance through which the rodent can fit even with stuffed cheeks. The material must be stable, splinter-free and easy to clean. Hay or straw should be available for the animal to make it comfortable.

3. Hamster toys: Climbing opportunities are important

Hamsters don’t just dig and run with joy – they also like to pass the time climbing. In addition to running wheels, seesaws, bridges and sandboxes, you can also make the popular little rodents happy with climbing toys. This should be hamster-friendly and not too high – so that the little guys don’t hurt themselves when they fall.

4. Bowl and potions: What you should pay attention to when choosing

And don’t forget the food bowl and drinker in the hamster cage. To keep the water clean, water bottles are better than bowls. They should be cleaned and refilled regularly. The food should be offered loose in a heavy bowl and exchanged for fresh food every day.

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