Tiny fox cub rescued from drain

What to do when a little baby from the animal kingdom is in need? Exactly, call for help like here in this video. A family in East Sussex, England, called WRAS rescuers after a small fox cub got lost in a drain.

And this undertaking wasn’t that easy, because the helpers didn’t know exactly where the fox cub was at first. Eventually, there were several pipes on site, all going in different directions. They used a smartphone to film inside the pipes and locate the baby animal. The rescuers were amazed at how excited the vixen was while trying to find her cub. It seemed like she understood that the animal rescuers want to save their offspring, said Chris, one of the faithful helpers. They could hear the cub clearly and they didn’t want to leave it behind, because then it wouldn’t survive.

After a 90-minute attempt to free the little fox, the rescuers took a break. During the next rescue attempt, one of the rescuers put his arm into the tube and felt the fox cub, but couldn’t catch him. On the third touch, he caught the little fox’s tail and was able to carefully pull it out of the drain. The poor chap was all soaked, wet and dirty. The animal-loving helpers wrapped him in a towel and took him to the sanctuary to bathe him. A short time later, they returned to the scene to reunite the cub with its mom. The sweet reunion in the video speaks for itself! This moment was a very emotional, beautiful moment for everyone involved. What a beautiful true animal story right?

That's how clumsy red foxes are as puppies - picture: Shutterstock / DragoNika
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09/16/2014 – 1:47 p.m

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