Tiny baby wallaby wants to grow big and strong

The tiny baby wallaby in the video is called Scotty and has been orphaned since his mom died in a car accident. Fortunately, dear people have taken it up and are now pampering the little hopper again. The little animal seems to like his substitute milk very much: he holds the syringe with the food firmly with his little paws while he slurps up the contents with his mini mouth.

Wallabies are related to kangaroos, but tend to be slightly smaller than their marsupial cousins. There are several different subspecies that are primarily native to Australia. The babies of these adorable animals are blind, deaf and naked at birth, their hind legs are not yet fully developed and they weigh just a gram. After birth, however, they crawl into their mother’s pouch, attach themselves to a teat and grow more than half a year before they leave their mother’s cozy carrier bag.

Wallaby baby Scotty, who has his own Facebook page, not only gets his special food every four hours from his human adoptive parents, but also has a set of snuggle bags sewn into which he can snuggle and take his nap. So nothing stands in the way of his goal of growing big and strong.

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09/29/2014 – 1:16 p.m

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