Tiny armadillo digs like crazy

“I love digging! It’s so great! I can’t stop doing it!” thinks the little armadillo in this video, scraping the sand with his shovel paws. It seems the little animal wants to dig a tunnel.

Many an animal has a passion: many dogs love chasing a ball. Some cats can get excited about a feather feather. However, the armadillo in this film only needs one thing to be happy: a large, wide field on which it can dig in peace.

It eagerly bangs its front legs into the sand and digs like a champion. Or is it maybe looking for something? The little one changes places several times and doesn’t seem to be quite sure what he wants. But maybe he’ll soon find what he’s looking for.

"Nibble, nibble, that's delicious!!!" – Image: Shutterstock / stock_shot
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09/23/2015 – 8:08 p.m

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