Tigers splash in the water for the first time

The two tigers in the video are called Lily and Carli. The two wild cats were rescued by the Safe Haven Rescue Zoo and now feel really comfortable there. The latest project to make the two friends happy: a pool!

Kelly Donithan, one of Lily and Carli’s rescuers, explains that the two tigers have never had the joy of swimming in their lives. That should change now, because a special pool was built for the two of them. The Safe Haven sanctuary is located in a very warm and dry area of ​​Nevada. The pleasure of bathing in water is really not a matter of course there.

First, Lily is allowed to test the new tiger pool. She walks straight towards it, splashes her paws around a bit and loves the cool water so much that she just jumps in. Lily clearly has fun and immediately explores the whole pool. Carli joins in later and is a bit more skeptical. In the end, both think the water is just great!

"Splish!  splash!  That is fun"finds this cute Bengal cat playing with the water jet - Shutterstock/Calinat

01/25/2017 – 05:53 p.m

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