This time, Biden made him say “no more” with what he did! He turned around on the podium and spoke in a vacuum.

79-year-old US President Joe Biden is often on the agenda with his moves and gaffes in front of the cameras. It is even questioned whether the American president is in good health with his actions. Finally, what Biden did on the podium astonished those who saw it.

After the repair of the Pennsylvania Fern Hollow Bridge, which was destroyed 9 months ago, was completed, US President Joe Biden gave a speech at the bridge opening. After his speech was over, Biden turned around and chatted for a while. Later, Biden, who turned around and paused on the podium, seemed to be confused as he descended from the podium, but found the right way.

It made them say that Biden did not do it this time!  He spoke to the rostrum

In a speech in Vail, Colorado, US President Joe Biden mistakenly stated that his son Beau “died in Iraq”. “I say this as a father of man, he won the Bronze Star, a remarkable service medal, and died in Iraq,” Biden said in his speech. However, it is known that Biden’s son Beau died of cancer.

Biden called Indiana Congressman Jackie Walorski, who died in a traffic accident in the past months, during his speech at the conference on hunger he attended. In addition, Biden had been surprised many times in his previous speeches how he would get off the podium.

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