This is how hedgehogs feel comfortable in the garden: 4 tips

In summer and autumn, hedgehogs mainly look for food in the garden when they grope around at night. And in winter they only want one thing: rest. In both cases, you can support the hedgehog with simple tips and help ensure that it feels really comfortable in your garden.

"We like it in this garden!"think the cute hedgehogs – Shutterstock / Alexander Strawberry

“We like it in this garden!” think the cute hedgehogs – Shutterstock / Alexander Strawberry

Do you want the hedgehogs to have a good time in the garden? Then make sure to keep it as natural as possible. With the following four tips, you should soon see the cute prickly animals with the button eyes roaming through your garden.

1. Create passages

The basic requirement for hedgehogs to be able to find their way into the garden at all are passages in your fence – because this is the only way for the animals to find their way to you. So set up gaps in the lower area that allow access. Hedgehog lovers generally do without coarse-meshed wire, as the cute spiny animals can get caught in it.

2. Set up quiet zones

Gardens with English lawns are not the preferred places for hedgehogs to live – there is too much activity here. If you want hedgehogs to feel at home in the garden, only mow part of the lawn. Let the grass grow quietly under hedges and bushes so that the animals can find plenty of food here – then they will definitely be happy to come back. If the leaves remain in some places in winter, you increase the chance that hedgehogs will take up residence here. But make sure you tidy up carefully next spring – so you don’t scare off the sleeping hedgehog in the garden.

Helping hedgehogs through the winter: Tips - Image: Shutterstock / Mr. SUTTIPON YAKHAM

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3. Create a food base

But not only in the long grass there are many insects that are often eaten by hedgehogs. Especially in native trees and shrubs – for example box trees, delphiniums, sage or thyme – a large number of animals cavort, which represent the food basis for hedgehogs and other wild animals.

4. Water points and supplementary feeding in autumn

Water points are not only gratefully accepted by hedgehogs in midsummer. If you always have a little refreshment ready for the beady eyes, they will be happy to come back and drink from your bowl. When autumn is approaching, hedgehogs in the garden are happy to have help in their search for food. Some cat food mixed with dry hedgehog food and oatmeal is gratefully accepted. However, be sure to end the supplementary feeding with the first frost so that you don’t keep the hedgehogs awake artificially.

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