These animals have big appetites

“Oh man, that’s so delicious! I can’t get enough of it!” think the animals in this video and enjoy their food – and without further ado they also help themselves to their owners’ food.

Two dogs happily nibble their food out of the bowl and gobble the food down as fast as they can. The four-legged friends are obviously very hungry. A little bunny does the same and vigorously kicks its paws while it is being fed from a bottle. A group of raccoons, on the other hand, gather in front of a man and patiently wait for him to toss treats to the critters.

Meanwhile, a hamster makes itself comfortable on the bum and nibbles on his cracker. And the animals, which are in a hurry, steal something from the fridge or sip on their owner’s soda can. These cheeky little fellows just know how to satisfy their hunger – if necessary even without the permission of their mistresses and masters.

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