The loudest animals in the world

There are the biggest, fastest and strongest animals in the world. But which animal species are actually the biggest rioters? The team of presents six of the loudest animals on our planet.

Of course, the howler monkey is one of the loudest animals in the world, after all, the primate didn’t get its name for nothing. Thanks to their special larynx, the monkeys can unleash a deafening thunderstorm of sounds. The roar can be heard from up to nine kilometers away. Why are they yelling at all? To show off and intimidate other animals, of course. The roar of the lion, which likes to raise its impressive voice for the same reasons, can also be heard up to nine kilometers away.

Beware when he appears: the Howler Monkey boasts of a deafening roar — Image: Shutterstock / Anton_Ivanov
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03/21/2013 – 09:22 am

Curtain up for the loudest animals in the world!

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Well roared lion!

The first surprise with the loudest animals in the world should be the bat. The cuddly mammals “squeak” loudly at up to 140 decibels, which is in principle louder than a jet. However, the scream cannot be heard by the human ear because it is in the ultrasonic range. The “singing” of a male cicada, which is intended to attract the females, can be heard by humans and is quite annoying.

Armed cancer lets it rip

In the sea, the blue whale is one of the biggest screamers. No wonder with the gigantic body mass. At the end of the loudest animals in the world, another sea creature and a very special highlight. We’re talking about pistol crabs, which make incredibly loud popping noises with their claws.

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