The Legend Representing the City of Boston’s Spirit of Diligence and Perseverance: Bill Russell

bill russell was a basketball player who reflected the working spirit of the city of boston

Harvard, myth We generally think of Boston as liberal and elite because of the high-level universities, but there is actually a hardworking (and formerly racist) middle class in Boston. and this unpretentious hard work is reflected in the teams in boston. During the lakers-celtics rivalry in the ’80s, the lakers used the show and the show, while the celtics hustle It symbolized effort, haste and hard work, which we call it and which is difficult to translate into Turkish. That’s why most of the basketball players who made their way to the Celtics came to the fore with their work tempo and low-key basketball. larry bird, Kevin Garnett, Robert Parish, kevin mchale, Paul Pierce etc.

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Bill Russell was perhaps the best representative of this modest, results-oriented basketball. its biggest rival wilt chamberlain He wasn’t as athletic and scoring power, but he could make up for his lack of defense and leadership.

The 1969 nba finals were perhaps the finals that summed up Russell best.

Russell was 35 years old and in the last year of his career. Oddly enough, and perhaps the best part, he was also the coach of the Celtics team. legendary coach red auerbachRussell was the first black basketball coach to take up this position after .

the regular season was not so bright and the lakers opponent in the finals was the favourite, with players like chamberlain, baylor and jerry west and the advantage of being the home team. The Celtics won the series 4-3, although the Lakers took the lead 2-0 and then 3-2. The last game was on the lakers’ court, and the lakers, confident of the championship, prepared for the celebrations with thousands of balloons. Russell, who used this to motivate the team, was bringing the championship to his team with 6 points, 21 rebounds and 6 assists. The finals mvp was given to Jerry West, the player of the losing team for the first and (for now) last time.

Bill Russell’s leadership has come to the fore in not only acting and coaching, but also the civil rights movement.

he and his black teammates were frequently exposed to racism. enlisted for the vietnam war muhammad aliHe gave himself the greatest support in his protest. Even in Boston, where his team is located, he left the city angry because he was frequently exposed to racism, and refused to attend the retirement ceremony of his jersey in 1972 and the Hall of Fame ceremony in 1975. Later, in 1999, with the participation of his biggest rival Wilt Chamberlain and Boston legend Larry Bird, his jersey was retired, the crowd in the hall gave him a standing ovation for minutes and Russell’s eyes filled with tears.

Finally, let me end with a heartwarming video.

He staged himself to receive the nba lifetime achievement award in 2017. kareem abdul jabbar while inviting, also in the back shaquille o’neal, alonzo mourning, Dikembe mutombo and david robinson stood waiting. As he started his speech, which lasted less than a minute, he detonated the main bomb, pointing these five legendary centers one by one, with the phrase “i would kick your ass”, and burst the hall into laughter.

He is the best defender and leader the nba has ever seen. rest in peace.

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