The Interesting Story of a Sour Dictionary Writer Who Was Fired for 40 Kurus

I left the house to go to work in the morning. There is a grocery store on the road. I stopped and went in to get a cigarette.

I bought a marlboro, I got cravings, and I bought gum. I gave 31 TL for cigarettes and 60 kuruş for chewing gum, 31.50. I was guessing that gum was 25-30 cents. he said; My brother is missing 10 cents.

I said fine, I gave 50 cents more, I bought the gum. So I’m waiting at the grocery store. I said “eeee”, he said “okay brother”. The man who just said my brother suddenly started to call me my brother. I said, “Okay, where is the 40 cents change?” I was waiting for 40 cents change, he took it out and gave me another piece of gum. He said, let this be from me, brother.

I said bro, if 10 cents was okay, if you gave 1 gum to 31.50, I said why did you lose 20 cents by making me buy the second gum out of the blue, you were already at a loss of 10 cents.

“How so?” he said.

I said now, I came, I bought a cigarette for 31 TL and bought a piece of chewing gum. I gave you 31.50 money. So I gave you 32 TL in total. you wanted to give me the second gum, you lost 10 cents again. Because if the gum is 60 cents, I said I should have given you 32.20 TL, not 32.

He said, “Brother, you’re right. I’m sorry, I’m confused,” he said. I said, “No bro, what’s wrong with you. You’re a man who works and calculates all the time, it’s okay”.

He wrote 3-5 things on the calculator according to his head, then we looked at him for 10-15 seconds. “eeee” I said, “what eeee brother?” He said, “Give me my 40 cents,” I said, “How did we just talk bro, don’t you owe me 1 TL 20 cents now?” said.

I said, “Where did 1 TL 20 cents come from, why am I in debt to you?”

He said, “Brother man, it’s a shame. Now you bought 2 chewing gum. The price of chewing gum is 60 cents. 1 TL is 20 cents for 2 of them,” he said.

I said, “Well, now I have already given you 32 TL, 32 Turkish liras and 20 kuruş”.

“Okay bro, I gave you gum as change, now don’t you have to give me 10 cents?” said.

At that moment the customer entered. man bought a city. he was going to buy a chocolate on top of it, I could hardly hold the man. I said there is no chocolate left bro, I sent the man. Back to the topic:

I said, “Didn’t I borrow 1 TL just now, how come it’s 10 cents now?”

“Okay bro, I’m giving you another gum, let’s get even, okay?” said.

I asked, “Brother, didn’t I just owe you 10 cents, why are you giving me 60 cents of gum again?”

“Give me my cigarette,” he said.

“I bought the cigarette, why should I give it?” I said, “We can’t agree, take my gum from somewhere else,” he said.

I said, “I don’t give cigarettes, brother, the gelatin of this cigarette is broken, the cap is open. According to the TCK, the goods with damaged packaging are defective goods, you should have told me.”

He said, “Brother, I don’t care about tdk or anything, take my cigarettes and gums, take your money” and put the money on the table.

I was running late for work so I put the cigarettes and gum on the table and said, “It’s not tdk, it’s tck”.

He said, “What a f*ck, give me my goods bro”.

He put 31 TL money on the table.

I said, I paid 32 TL, where is my 1 lira?

“Brother, didn’t you buy gum? What 32?” said.

your gum, your shop, and yours. I hope the swaddles are fucked, I said, I’m out of the grocery store.

I was fired because I was late for work and because I was constantly getting reports. I lost my bread because of 40 cents.

your gum is also amk.

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