The Historical Event Inspired by A Towerful Of Mice Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

the witcher 3 wild hunt / a tower of mice

This quest is based on the story of Prince Popiel II, a legendary 9th century ruler of two proto-Polish tribes, the Goplans and the West Polans. Popiel II was the last member of the Popielids, a legendary dynasty before the Piasts. historian gallus anonymus, jan dlugosz and marcin chromerAccording to , he was deposed as a result of his misrule, surrounded by his subjects, and eaten alive by rats in a tower in Kruszwica.

According to legend, Prince Popiel was a cruel and corrupt ruler who only cared about wine, women, and song. He is greatly influenced by his wife, a beautiful but power-hungry German princess. because of Popiel’s mismanagement and inability to protect the country from marauding Vikings, twelve of his uncles conspired to overthrow him; However, at the instigation of his wife, he poisoned them all during a banquet (some believe he did the act himself). instead of cremating the bodies as usual, he had the bodies thrown into Goplo Lake.

The people revolted when they saw what Popiel and his wife had done. The couple took shelter in a tower near the lake. As the story goes, a horde of mice and rats, feeding on the unburned bodies of Popiel’s uncles, rushed to the tower, trampled the walls, and devoured Popiel and his wife alive. Prince Popiel was replaced by Piast Kolodziej and Siemowit.


on the shore of lake goplo there is a medieval tower called the mouse tower; however, since it was erected approximately 500 years later, it has nothing to do with the location of the events described in the legend.

The witcher 3 wild hunt has many tricky knots and moves to solve in many side quests, and this is especially the case with the quest ghost quest, also known as “a towerful of mice”. this task keira metzIt can be received immediately after completing the previous quest in the questline revolving around (an invitation from keira metz). Keira tells Geralt about an infested tower that is responsible for the many deaths surrounding Fyke Island, cursing the area and appears to be doing great harm. Using some clues provided by the wizard, Geralt sets out to investigate a tower filled with several kinds of monsters, including rats as well as a ghostly foe at the heart of the conflict. this quest also involves a fairly difficult decision to fight fair, find clues and choose the better ending of the two. Fortunately, since knowledge is power in the world of the witcher, there are ways to make the most of this quest and with little resistance.

After entering the tower and dealing with loads of rats, Geralt investigates the tower to uncover the cause of the misfortune and death that Keira spoke of while fending off these small but aggressive enemies. Using the magic lantern given to him by the wizard, Geralt is able to see in a holographic form the final, horrific events of death on the island. Four sequences of events to be uncovered inside and outside the tower reveal a massacre of peasants. After learning about this event and how it happened, Geralt decides that he must go to the top of the tower to investigate.

After some investigation and possible use of witcher senses, players find two arms at the top of the tower. when both are drawn, it reveals a passage. Crossing over this passage brings Geralt to the laboratory of a wizard named Alexander, in case the player uses the magic lantern to talk to the spirit living in the laboratory. anabelle It allows him to meet the spirit named.

Geralt’s conversation with Anabelle’s spirit tells the player, lord vserad‘s and her daughter Anabelle and the court witch alexander It shows how his palace, including his palace, was destroyed by a rat plague that circulated inside the tower. however, we learn that this is because Alexander was experimenting on rats and the rats became very strong. Villagers raided the island, trying to kill those responsible for the plague, but some fell into a hoard of rats, becoming food for necrophagias. Anabelle to Geralt, her lover for not helping her while the massacre was going on. grahamHe tells her that he is angry. The witcher senses a strong resentment in him and concludes that it is this malicious intent that has cursed the island.

Geralt then explains that he believes the best way to break the curse of hatred is with the opposite emotion. This feeling is of course love. Geralt has two ways to solve this curse, but neither leads to the expected and desired outcome.

Geralt suggests that Graham try to forgive Anabelle for accidentally dumping him, because he thought Alexander had died due to a trick of one of his potions. Anabelle agrees to try to forgive Graham if Geralt brings her his remains and Graham bury them. This sounds like a reasonable “yes”, but Anabelle’s spirit is not just a human ghost, but a pesta in disguise, the plague girl.

Depending on whether we agree to bring Anabelle’s bones to Graham or not we will face different results in the quest.

* agreeing to take Anabelle’s remains to Graham

if this is preferred, graham buries the bones and geralt leaves but before he gets too far he hears a scream, when he returns he encounters graham’s corpse. The fresh corpse is surrounded by rats, and Anabelle is now scrutinized in its true form as a rotten pesta. The curse is broken, but before the plague girl Geralt can stop her, she flies away and becomes a plague for the nearby region.

**refusing to take the remains to graham

This choice enrages Anabelle and forces her into her plague maiden form, but cannot be defeated while the curse is active. Geralt must step back and see Graham north of Oregon and explain everything to him before returning with the man to Fyke Island. Returning to the island with Graham, Geralt confronts Graham and Anabelle in the tower, as a result of this confrontation, causing Graham to prove his love for Pesta by kissing her. The curse is broken and Anabelle’s soul is allowed to rest in peace, but contact with the plagued girl kills Graham in the process. The two lovers are reunited in the afterlife.

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