The Champagne Racon at the Place where Demet Akalın Poured Drinks on the Waitress

In such venues, it is chargeable to send drinks to the singer. He can’t send a drink to everyone he sees, he can’t say, “Let him sing this song for me”. if it has a weight, it will only be so.

In this case, the waiter takes the drink ordered to Bund Akalın with the request song. Akalin takes a sip hoping for alcohol and realizes that it is apple juice. because that night, song and gesture will pour down on the singer like rain, like floods. If all of them were drunk, a bunch of them would be drunk; stop singing, she can’t say her name.

In addition, Bunch Akalın, of course, receives a commission from the drinks ordered and, because he knows his business, he gasps the audience and asks for champagne. In other words, he insults the person who sends a single glass of drink by saying, “Put your hand in your pocket, I can’t get enough of my wealth, I have a baby.” I’m not sure if it’s the same person; realizing his mistake, he opens a bottle of champagne to Bunch Akalın.

Let me give you the price as an example. If a single glass of champagne is 100 TL, a bottle of champagne is around 2500 TL. Akalin finds a strange way out of these extras besides the stage fee that night. As the hour progresses and the alcohol mixes with the blood, they mortgage the field and turn the artist into a confetti maniac.

As for the waiter. Employees in this and similar venues accept that these will happen and enter the job. their purpose is to turn a corner in a short way. otherwise starbucks is still looking for a barista. If he wanted respect, he would go and work there.

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