The balance sheet gets worse in the plane crash in Russia: 13 dead, 19 injured

RussiaThe loss of life is increasing in the plane crash that took place in the city of Yeysk in the Krasnodar region of Turkey. In the statement made by the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, it was stated that the debris removal works had ended and the bodies of 10 people were removed from the search and rescue zone. Thus, the total number of deaths increased to 13, including 3 children, with the disappearances in the hospital. The treatment of 19 injured people continues.


The ministry also added that more than 360 residents were evacuated during the incident, preventing further casualties.


The Su-34 type fighter jet, which took off from the military airport of the Southern Military Region of the Russian Armed Forces, malfunctioned shortly after takeoff, and the pilot left the plane with the ejection seat, with flames coming from its engine. The plane, on the other hand, crashed into the wall of a 9-storey apartment in the city center and a fire broke out in the building.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed to support the families injured in the accident, and the Krasnodar Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the incident.

Source: İhlas News Agency / Current

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