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Animal shelters are not only an important part of our society, but above all indispensable for animals that need help and have no other place to stay. Every animal shelter provides invaluable value for animal welfare – it is all the more important that the great institutions are helped, also by private individuals.

An animal shelter is not an ideal living space for animals in the long term, even if they are well cared for there – Shutterstock / Mila Supinskaya

An animal shelter is not an ideal living space for animals in the long term, even if they are well cared for there – Shutterstock / Mila Supinskaya

Animal welfare in Germany is generally regarded as exemplary, which is mainly due to the fact that it is organized and structured. In this country there are many animal shelters as well as municipal or private institutions that take care of animals in need, found, given up or lonely. Nevertheless, many animal shelters are always pushed to the limit, as there are often too many animals on site and there is a lack of funds, for example to finance enough staff. The state usually does not cover the costs sufficiently. Any help is therefore welcome.

This is how animal shelters help the animals

Animal shelters give animals such as dogs and cats a safe, dry, and warm home. The animals are given health care, castrated, fed and receive attention from the keepers. Donated and found animals of all kinds are accepted and cared for. The help of an animal shelter, which knows neither public holidays nor Sundays, often decides about the life or death of an animal. The aim of every animal shelter is to find a loving family for the animals that it takes in as quickly as possible – animal lovers who want to get a pet should therefore first look in animal shelters for an animal partner. Rumors and prejudices that say that a visit to the shelter is always painful or that all shelter animals are “disturbed” are not true.

Every dog ​​from the shelter is happy about a new, loving home - Shutterstock / Pawel Uchorczak

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4 reasons for a dog from an animal shelter

Every dog ​​from the animal shelter is happy about a new home with a loving two-legged friend….


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Here’s how you can help animal shelters

Every private person, whether big or small, can help animal shelters and thus the animals directly with simple means. It is best to get dogs, cats and the like from the animal shelter instead of buying them from a breeder, for example, as every animal taken from the shelter frees up a further place. In addition, financial support in the form of monetary donations is also extremely helpful for every animal shelter. Just ask your local animal shelter about ways you can donate money to make the keepers’ job easier and improve the welfare of the animals. In addition to financial aid, donations in kind, such as blankets, food or other items required by the shelter, are always welcome. The staff at an animal shelter will be happy to tell you what they need.

Volunteer work and practical help

Volunteer work is also not to be underestimated. Since many animal shelters simply do not have enough funds for sufficient staff, every facility is happy to receive active support, regardless of whether it is practical help with cleaning work or dealing with the animals. For example, you can take a walk with shelter dogs or become active as a cat pet. A dog sponsorship or a sponsorship for animal shelter cats is also worth its weight in gold. You may also have professional experience that you can use to help the home, such as public relations and fundraising. Just visit the nearest animal shelter and ask local how you can help. You will surely be welcomed with open arms.

A particularly nice idea was implemented in the “Human Society of Missouri” animal shelter. Here you can find the video for the great campaign: Children read to animal shelter dogs.

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