Swimming rabbit: bathing as therapy

A swimming rabbit? That sounds more than unusual. But with the cute bunny named Heidi, bathing has a deeper meaning: the movements in the water are used for therapy. The poor animal suffers from joint inflammation.

Osteoarthritis is a very painful and therefore uncomfortable disease. Inflammation of the joints can occur not only in humans, but also in animals. The cuddly rabbit Heidi suffers from such a disease, affecting her knees and hips. So that these areas can still get movement that is not too painful, the rabbit goes swimming as a therapeutic measure.

Swimming rabbit: with vest and bathing cap

Of course, the animals are not real record swimmers, which is why Heidi is protected with a special life jacket. And the rabbit even gets a small bathing cap put over its funny ears. Incidentally, the so-called hydrotherapy is also used on humans – animals and humans are not that different after all.

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