Sweets and fast food are bad for dogs and cats

Food for humans is mostly not for animals. Sweets, fast food and the like are even more harmful to dogs and cats than to humans and have no place on the menu of four-legged friends. Some treats are even lethal!

If you love your cat, you better not give it such candy bombs, as seen here - Shutterstock / dmitry-zubarev

If you love your cat, you better not give it such candy bombs, as seen here – Shutterstock / dmitry-zubarev

Our pets’ stomachs are not made for sweets and fast food. Ingredients such as sugar and spices are usually present in large quantities and can cause various problems in your furry friend. Therefore, the following applies: no matter how cute the dog look is and the meowing sounds heartbreaking, you should not feed it human food.

Sugar in sweets is harmful

Although very few sweets are lethal for dogs and cats, the sugar contained in gummy bears, sweets, chocolate, biscuits and the like has a negative effect on your four-legged friend’s organism. Sugar consumption leads to obesity, stomach problems and bad teeth, among other things. Chocolate is even poisonous for dogs and cats – and therefore absolutely taboo. You can find out more about this in the guide “Why Chocolate is Toxic to Dogs”.

Although cow's milk is not necessarily poisonous for cats, it is usually intolerable.  The reason for this is the lactose intolerance of adult velvet paws – Shutterstock / Robynrg
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Toxic foods: What cats should never eat

Various foods that are toxic to cats are completely harmless to humans. No wonder,…


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Fast food is often too salty for dogs and cats

Fast food, like sweets, is not recommended for dogs and cats. This is partly due to the large amount of salt and spices in pizza, burgers and the like. Although the organism needs a small amount of salt, this is exceeded in a flash when fast food ends up in a dog’s or cat’s stomach. Most other spices are generally very difficult to digest and lead to digestive problems. You should also refrain from feeding the last slice of pizza because it can sometimes be toxic to your animal partner. Ingredients such as onions, chives, and garlic contain sulfides in their essential oils that attack red blood cells in dogs and cats. The result could be life-threatening anemia.

If your dog or cat has accidentally eaten too much sweets or fast food and shows symptoms such as vomiting or flatulence, this often goes away quickly. However, if too much unhealthy or even toxic food has been eaten, you should go to the vet immediately.

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