Sweet encounter: seal meets butterfly

A rather unusual encounter took place at the Oregon Zoo. There, a small butterfly aroused the curiosity of seal Kaya.

Kaya recently received a very special visit at a zoo in Oregon, USA: A butterfly got lost in front of the seal lady’s aquarium. The beginning of a new friendship?

As the YouTube video impressively shows, Kaya seems to be quite fascinated by the butterfly. The seal swims back and forth in pursuit of its new winged friend. There is even a fin to greet you. One might think that Kaya wanted to say hello to the butterfly.

If only there weren’t one thing: the pane of glass that separates the dissimilar animal duo. Nevertheless: the encounter between seal and butterfly is always sweet. Various users also think so, as the comments below the video prove.

“Is there anything more innocent than that?” Asks one user, for example. Another even says: “That made my whole month sweeter!” She certainly shouldn’t be alone with this feeling.

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