Sugar-cute baby rabbit gives kisses on the nose

The cute baby rabbit in the video is called Peanut and didn’t have an easy start in life. But the little guy was saved and how grateful he is for that cannot be overlooked in the little film.

Baby rabbit Peanut kisses one of his rescuers on the nose after another. With his little muzzle he repeatedly rubs his nose and lovingly licks it with his tiny tongue.

As can be read in the comment below the video, Peanut is a foundling. Someone had left the mini-muncher in a plastic container at the animal shelter. The container was provided with air holes, but otherwise there was a lack of fresh water and Peanut hadn’t noticed any food either.

He was very small, barely fitting in the palms of his rescuers. Luckily, the little long-eared dog recovered and was able to show what an endearing Hoppler it is. And the good news is: Peanut has since been adopted into a loving home. All’s well that ends well.

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