Squirrel Wally: “I love fortune cookies!”

“This food is so delicious!” Squirrel Wally has found his favorite food: a fortune cookie. And the animal definitely doesn’t want to share this with anyone!

“That’s my fortune cookie. Find another one!” Squirrel Wally seems to want to tell his owner. The cheeky animal has discovered a very special treat in its home and nibbles on it with relish while its owner watches it. But apparently he fears that his owner could snatch the unusual delicacy from him.

Whoops, Wally has already crumbled into another room and is making himself comfortable there so that he can finally enjoy the fortune cookie in peace. Wally skillfully fends off attempts by his mistress to get a piece of the pastry and prefers to bring his food to safety. The little animal just knows how to defend its food. Smart squirrel!

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