Squirrel Presents: The Perfect Nut Hiding Place!

Squirrels are masters at hiding their favorite nuts so no one can find them. But what was the tame little rodent thinking during the burying action in this video?

“My buddy is tall, reliable, friendly, and calm. So his fur is the perfect hiding place for a nut,” the industrious video hero seems to think and tries hard to hide his favorite food well. Maybe he could have just asked his friend to watch the nut for a moment?

In any case, the look of the confused Bernese Mountain Dog speaks volumes: Well, if you have such a tame squirrel living in your house, you will experience things…

The Bernese Mountain Dog as a puppy: Cute as sugar and with a thick, tri-colored coat — Image: Shutterstock / Einar Muoni
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11/28/2013 – 2:14 p.m

Bernese Mountain Dog: The big one from Switzerland

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