Sprinkle the hamster cage: You need this for this

When a hamster moves in with you and you’ve already found a spacious, hamster-friendly cage, the only thing missing is the right bedding. Tips for making the hamster home clean and comfortable can be found here.

Scatter the hamster cage: you need this for this – Image: Shutterstock / AlexKalashnikov

Scatter the hamster cage: you need this for this – Image: Shutterstock / AlexKalashnikov

1. Absorbent litter as a basis

Hamster cages need a deep bottom bowl that is filled with a thick layer of clean bedding and cleaned regularly. Wood litter is a classic and cheap option that you can get in pet shops and in many supermarkets. You can also get different types of bedding that produce less dust, such as cotton or linen. Natural hemp hamster bedding is also a very popular option. It dusts little and is very absorbent.

2. Hay or straw for more comfort

Hamsters like to build cozy nests in their sleeping house and need the right material for this. Hay and straw are cuddly classics that are available especially for small rodents. But leaves, moss and hamster cotton are also popular with many hamsters – just try out which material your pet likes best.

3. Hamster toilet for a hygienic cage

Hamsters are very clean pets and usually always use the same corner of the cage as a toilet. If you want to make it easier to clean the cage, you can set up a special hamster toilet for your darling, which he can use in this corner without soiling his bedding.

With a body length of up to nine centimetres, the Djungarian hamster is really tiny - Image: Shutterstock / Hintau Aliaksei
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Djungarian hamster: miniature pet

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