So cute! Red panda cubs at Lincoln Park Zoo

Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo is proud of its newest baby red panda. The sweet fluffy babies were born at the zoo on June 26, 2015 and received their first examination in mid-July. The little animals are perfectly healthy! In the video, the vets check the sex of the fluffy twins. Hooray it’s a girl! And a boy!

What’s even cuter than a red panda? A baby red panda! And what’s twice as cute as a baby red panda? Two baby red pandas! The furry Schnuffelnoses in the video still look sleepy – their black beady eyes are not quite open yet. The ears are also tiny and barely visible. The fluffy little bumps don’t really like the examination. They squeak in protest as the vet examines them. Luckily, the little red panda and his little sister are in top shape and the check-up is over quickly.

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