Snuggly cute quokka eats a cracker

The cute Quokka in the video is given a cracker by a tourist on Rottnest Island. The cute animal stands on its hind feet and stretches out soooooo long to receive the treat with its paws.

Apparently the quokka likes it very much, because in a short time it has knocked the whole cracker away. In the end, he becomes a man again and looks lovingly into the camera, as if he wanted to ask the tourist if he had any more delicacies left.

But as sweet and cute as the video is to watch, it’s actually not good for the animals if they eat too much human food. This is not at all in line with their usual diet and could make the quokkas sick, according to Rottnest Island’s website. The tourist in the little film was probably unaware of this and was tempted by the quokka’s cute button moment into sharing his crackers with him. Nevertheless, it should be avoided if possible or only fed quokkas with foods that belong on their natural diet, such as leaves, herbs and grasses.

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