Snack ball as a cat toy: fitness and fun

A snack ball ensures that cats can combine three of their favorite pastimes: playing, hunting and feeding. Even the cosiest indoor cats like to be roused in this way – especially by the models with special functions.

Cat Snack Ball Toy: Fitness and Pleasure - Image: Shutterstock / Jakub Zak

Cat Snack Ball Toy: Fitness and Pleasure – Image: Shutterstock / Jakub Zak

1. Classic Snack Ball: Good for cats who are alone during the day

The big advantage of a snack ball is that cats can use it on their own. Having their owner put some kibble in their ball before they go to work is a wonderful antidote to boredom. If the four-legged friend pushes the ball with its paws, the food crumbs will gradually roll out of a small hole in the ball: Most house tigers will not give up trying until the food ball is completely empty.

2. The snack ball as a support for the fitness program

It is normal and natural for cats to sleep a lot. A bit of persuasion is often necessary for house cats, who otherwise hardly want to get off the sofa. Of course, with the help of treats, this works wonderfully and even the coziest four-legged friend is usually happy to be inspired to play a round of snackball. The first step towards a top figure?

3. With that certain something: the snack ball with catnip

The snack ball with the beguiling scent of catnip brings a special incentive to play. The ball has another additional function for candidates among the house tigers who are not afraid of water: it floats and is waterproof, so that it can also be combined with splashing games in summer. To do this, the colorful ball is simply placed in a small bowl of water – not so easy to free the treats from it!

4. As a supplement: the snack ball with dental care function

This snack ball with an unusual look is suitable for cats and dogs and, in addition to playing fun with treats, is also intended to care for the house tiger’s teeth. It is made of natural rubber and invites many animals not only to play, but also to chew on it. In addition, the ball smells fresh of mint, which makes it particularly unusual.

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Kittens on the ball: Cute little jocks

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