Smart raccoon knocks on the door and wants to eat

The clever raccoon lady in the video is very hungry – and has developed a rather savvy method to satisfy it. She just takes a rock and knocks on the patio door with it until someone comes out and fills her a bowl with cat food. Of course, the cat food isn’t really intended for them – but who can resist such a witty and cute animal?

The lady of the house who films the raccoon has christened the little animal Rocksy. Rocksy has already scratched the whole pane of the terrace door with her knocking stone, but she looks so cute that nobody can really be angry with her. The woman behind the camera explains that raccoons that approach humans in this way do not necessarily have rabies. With Rocksy, the cute, but also slightly pushy, behavior has a very sweet reason: she has had babies that she has to provide with milk. You treat her to cat food from the heart.

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