Sloths enjoy bath time

Well, these are a couple of magical little fellows: The baby sloths in this video have bath time and they seem to like it very much. Look how well-behaved the cute animal children are!

“Oh, Wednesday again? Then bath time is probably in our diary,” the lovable baby sloths seem to think to themselves and are very happily placed in their transport basket. They relax in the warm water and are comfortably washed by the animal keepers.

Afterwards, the little ones are rinsed in a healthy water-plant mixture to keep them nice and clean and free from parasites. Then there is time to dry, which the cute baby animals like to use to climb and “hang around” in the sun. And finally, of course, a treat should not be missing: your favorite flowers, which are like chocolate to you, will be served before doing what sloths like to do most: rest and take a nap.

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