Scandalous threat to Turkey from the Chief of the General Staff of Greece, referring to the Claw Kılıç operation

Greece Chief of Staff General Konstantinos Floros made references to Turkey in his speech on the occasion of the Armed Forces Day celebrations to be held in the country.

General Konstantinos Floros pointed out that those who think to declare war on their country will face a new ‘Marathon’. Turkey’s statements and senior analysts in Turkey, Ankara’s operation in Syria and northern Iraq ” GreeceEmphasizing his statements that they are “a message to Turkey”, Floros said that his words were an indirect response to Turkey.

Greeceone of the leading publications of , protothema.gr news “High morale, professionalism, determination, unwavering will, but above all the strength of your weapons and the fire of your soul are the best guarantees that Greece will remain strong, free and independent, no matter who threatens us. They decide to come whenever they want,” said the news. ‘ he said.

Floros continued his speech, “We want peace and we are working for it, but whoever makes the fatal mistake of ‘come’ should know in advance that they will face a new Marathon, a new Salamis and a new 731. I am sure every Greek has many times in the past. “He will fight hard to protect his country as he is. For a speck of soil, a rock, even a Greek stone… Because we paid a heavy price to have them,” he said. According to the news in Sözcü, the Chief of General Staff, addressing the officers of the Armed Forces, said, “The courage to defend our country has been left to us by our ancestors and is known by everyone.”

The Marathon that Floros refers to: A battle that took place in the Marathon Plain in 490 BC between Athenian forces, reinforced by reinforcements from Platea, and the Achaemenid Army under the command of General Datis, during the first Persian attack on Greece. Seeing that the Persian Army could be defeated, the Greeks fought against the Persians with more self-confidence. The Greeks believed that the victory over the Persians, in a way, began with the Battle of Marathon.

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