Sand cats celebrate birthday with meat pie and sandcastle

Sand cats are the smallest wild cats in the world and typically live in the desert. However, the two sand cats Canyon and Genie in the video live at the wildlife sanctuary “Big Cat Rescue”. The cute mini predators are celebrating their 14th birthday and their humans have come up with something great for the occasion: sand castle and meat cake.

Sand cats have a life expectancy of eight to ten years in the wild – so 14 years is a proud achievement for the two fluffy noses. Their carers really do their best for Canyon and Genie. With a plastic tunnel, buckets and lots of sand, they build a nice big sand castle for the two sand cats, including a little flag and all the trimmings. Of course, a real birthday party also includes a cake. For the two sand cats, it is not made of cream or flour, but of fresh, delicious meat.

Once the meat pie is on a plate that reads “Happy Birthday, Canyon!” placed and the sand castle is finished, the people leave the enclosure and watch how the sand cats like their gift. Genie hides until dark and only dares to come out later – when the curious Canyon has already devoured the meat pie alone. But not only Canyon, but also Genie are really happy about their wonderful sandcastle. What a nice birthday for the two sand cats!

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