Russia’s shooting of Kiev with Iran’s drones named “Witness” made the USA nervous! They threatened sanctions

Answering questions at the daily press conference, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Patel said that the US had previously Iranian‘of Russiathat it plans to sell drone systems to IranianHe stated that he bought these systems from .

“Russian operators are willing to use these systems,” Patel said. IranianThey went to for training. “There is extensive evidence that these systems have been used against military and civilian targets.”

Iranian Pointing out that the threat posed by the deepening alliance between Russia and the region should be closely monitored by the countries of the region and the world, the spokesperson continued as follows; “This is an issue that we are watching closely and IranianWe are in close contact with our allies and partners, including the United Nations, regarding Russia’s supply of dangerous weapons to Russia. Those who do business with Iran should be very careful and exercise due diligence that their cooperation may have any connection with the development of unmanned aerial systems or ballistic missiles, or the flow of weapons from Iran to Russia. The United States will not hesitate to sanction or take action against perpetrators.”

While the war between Russia and Ukraine, which started on February 24, continues at full speed, Russian forces hit Kiev early yesterday morning with Iran’s Witness-136 (Shaded-136) kamikaze drones. As smoke rose from many buildings after the attack, the municipality called on the people to “Stay in the shelters”. It was stated that many people lost their lives in the attacks that turned Kiev into a fire place.

Source: AA / Erdem Aksoy – World

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