Rejected baby gorilla: monkey gets a surrogate mom

A mother gorilla abandoned her baby at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio. The just five weeks old and extremely cuddly brat is now being raised by caretaker Ron Evans.

In the animal kingdom, unfortunately, as with humans, it also happens that mothers do not want to take care of their newly born children. The gorilla mom “Kiazi” from the zoo in Cincinnati is such a case. However, the gorilla baby named “Gladys Stones” is so cute that one cannot understand the mother’s decision. Now a zoo keeper jumps into the breach and raises the little gorilla girl.

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“Surrogate”: Nurse Ron Evans raises baby gorilla

Human surrogate and zookeeper Ron Evans lovingly bottle-feeds baby gorilla, plays and cuddles monkey. In addition, the keeper dresses up as a gorilla himself, lets the little one climb onto his back and they explore the enclosure together – just like with the real mum. When the animal is big and strong enough to assert itself, it is to be placed in an enclosure with two other female gorillas.

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