Rat Riff Ratt and dog Osiris are inseparable

The Hollandse Herdershond Osiris and the rat Riff Ratt are really good friends. As can be seen in the video, the rat loves to ride and snuggle up to his canine pal.

The shepherd puts up with it and seems to enjoy carrying his rat friend through the living room. The rat paws on his back seem to tickle him a bit. From time to time, Osiris turns to Riff Ratt and gently and lovingly nudges him with his snout. What a cute animal friendship!

Well, who looks so cheeky out of the laundry?  A cute pet rat - Image: Shutterstock / Pakhnyushchy
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01/29/2015 – 09:03 p.m

Pet Rats: Smart and friendly pets

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