Rabbits and vacuum cleaner robots: And one more round

Ready, set, go! The rabbits in the video have discovered a household appliance for themselves: a small robotic vacuum cleaner. And you can have a lot of fun with it!

The first Hoppler has made himself comfortable on the humming device and whizzes through his own four walls. Other bunnies do the same and take a little tour of the hardwood floor or the fluffy carpet on their vacuum cleaner robot. Of course, the fluffy furry friends take a very close look around and hold up their little snub noses – maybe there are tasty snacks to be sniffed out somewhere.

A rabbit can even look forward to a surprise when it encounters a robot: Several crunchy carrots are on the mini vacuum cleaner for the vegetable lover, who of course quickly grabs a carrot. Splendid!

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