Rabbits and their noises: squeaking, hissing and more.

Rabbits are extremely quiet fellows, unlike many other pets. Nevertheless, the lagomorphs have a spoken language. Rabbits usually only use the associated noises in certain situations, so that with a little practice you can easily interpret their language.

What do you think the pretty rabbit wants to tell us?  – Shutterstock / Rabbitti

What do you think the pretty rabbit wants to tell us? – Shutterstock / Rabbitti

Many people think rabbits don’t make noise. However, owners of the little mummy noses know that this is not true. Rabbit speech does not cover a very wide range of sounds, but owners should be familiar with it in order to properly use the hoppers.

The following should be noted: Every rabbit is of course an individual, which is why not all animals always behave and express themselves in the same way. However, with time and the following knowledge, owners can learn to understand their pets.

"Allow me, my name is Hase, also known as Master Lamp"introduces this pretty bunny – Shutterstock / Soru Epotok
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Spoken language in rabbits: teeth grinding

Rabbits sometimes even use their teeth to express themselves. A slight grinding of teeth usually reflects the well-being of your rabbit. It may be being scratched and grinding its teeth with relish. But rabbits also do this to rub down their lifelong growing teeth.

Nevertheless, listen carefully and pay attention to your posture, because: If your rabbit grinds his teeth noticeably hard and seems tense, this is often not a good sign. It can mean that something is wrong or even indicate severe pain. These unpleasant noises with the teeth are to be regarded as a symptom. In this case, take your rabbit to a veterinarian.

growls and grunts

Grumbling or grunting are clear signs of, “I’m enjoying the situation I’m in.” Are you petting your rabbit right now? If your pet doesn’t make such noises when petted, that’s no reason to worry either: Not every rabbit growls.

This sound is also used to woo potential rabbit partners. The noise can also often be heard when suckling.

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Rabbits and their noises: cooing

If your rabbit coos, the sound can be interpreted as a signal that it is ready to mate. On the other hand, the pigeon-like sounds can be an indication of a false pregnancy. This is indicated, for example, when cooing rabbits also behave aggressively or restlessly. If in doubt, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian.

Rabbit language: This means squeaking

Squeaking can be heard from some long-eared ears when they are straight wolf down or with conspecifics to play. Young animals that want to draw attention to themselves also emit a soft squeak for a while.

Clear warning: when the rabbit hisses

If the animals feel threatened or threatened in any way, then there are clear warning signs: the hoppers hiss and growl. In this case, it is best to quickly take your hand out of the cage, because rabbits can also bite if they think it is necessary.

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Screams of fear in the rabbit

You only hear a shrill sound from your rabbit when it is in absolute fear of death. It got a terrible fright. This loud scream will probably scare you yourself, because it is deafening. In this case, make sure that your rabbit calms down quickly and recovers from the shock.

Rabbit noises in quick succession

Can rabbits actually scold? A resounding yes! Many owners hear rapid tones when, for example, they need to clean the cage and catch their rabbits. The animals are then sometimes excited and make the scolding noises.

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