Puma Mufasa freed from captivity in the circus

Puma Mufasa lived in captivity at a Peruvian circus for a long time until he was finally freed after 20 years thanks to an animal welfare organization. The video shows the long overdue liberation action.

Although Peru has banned the keeping of wild animals in circuses, some are defying the law. Wild animals are held captive in unacceptable conditions. Puma Mufasa was one of them and lived in a Peruvian circus for twenty years. There he spent an undignified, dreary existence, chained to a pick-up truck. The rescuers of the animal protection organizationAnimal Defenders International” stood up for his freedom and cornered the circus, eventually leading to Mufasa being freed from the chains.

Unable to release it into real freedom, animal rights activists built the puma an enclosure in its natural habitat in the Peruvian forest. Here he should spend the rest of his life as close to nature as possible. Very sad: Mufasa died a few months after his liberation – in December 2015. The time in the circus seriously damaged his health. Mufasa had kidney problems and age-related factors certainly played a role as well. Let’s hope Mufasa is buried somewhere nicer!

The Somali cat is closely related to the Abyssinian cat.  You can see that too, right?  – Image: Shutterstock / Sarah Newton
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05/08/2014 – 16:02

Mini puma with long fur: the Somali cat

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