Porcupine and kitten are happy about pumpkin

The scary party may be over, but these animals are still happy about the great Halloween pumpkins. Teddy the talking porcupine has fun munching on pumpkin while the black kitten from the shelter explores the very first pumpkin of his life.

Halloween isn’t over for our animal friends yet. Finally, there are all those gorgeous orange pumpkins that taste so delicious – and if they’re big enough, you can even hide in them!

Pumpkin menu for the talking porcupine

Teddy the talking porcupine is already a YouTube star. He lives at the Dallas Zoo in Texas. Orphaned at birth, Teddy began making strange noises as soon as his keepers took hold of him. Meanwhile, Teddy is a seasoned porcupine master, but still extremely talkative. Teddy “talks” with his mouth full while devouring a delicious mini pumpkin. What it sounds like when a porcupine talks out of the box – you can find out in the video above.

Kittens on Pumpkin Expedition

The second video is also about a little pumpkin fan. Cat Cole may not be as talkative as her prickly colleague, but the cute foundling is just as happy about the Halloween vegetables. His owners made him his own pumpkin and even decorated it with a picture of a mouse. You can see what Cole does with it in the video.

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