pet sick? Beware of lay diagnoses on the Internet

In the age of the internet, many owners are searching there for the meaning of symptoms when their pet is sick. But lay diagnoses and treatments harbor great dangers – the symptoms may be misinterpreted. Only your vet can be sure!

"Is what is written there correct?"this cat might be thinking – Shutterstock / LoloStock

“Is what’s written there true?” This cat might be thinking – Shutterstock / LoloStock

It’s just a few clicks to a supposedly expert opinion. But in the worst case, layperson diagnoses from the Internet can be life-threatening for your sick pet. If you’re not a veterinarian, you can’t tell for sure whether and how seriously an animal is ill – especially not from a distance via the Internet.

Sick Pet: Do not rely on lay diagnosis

The dog’s eyes are running, the cat doesn’t seem to have an appetite, or the hamster looks tired – what exactly your pet is suffering from cannot be diagnosed with certainty from a distance. Animal owners should therefore not rely on tips from the Internet, advises the Federal Chamber of Veterinarians.

If the pet is sick, going to the vet should be the first step. Only he can examine the animal, make the right diagnosis and initiate the appropriate therapy. Layperson diagnoses and treatment tips from the internet can be wrong. While it’s okay to do some research online and look for early clues, don’t jump to conclusions. However, if it is an emergency involving your dog or cat, you must not waste any time and ideally go to the veterinarian or the veterinary clinic immediately.

Beware of supposed experts

While you can usually rely on a veterinarian knowing what he is talking about, the supposed experts and specialists on the Internet sometimes look different. It is better to double-check with veterinary practitioners or veterinary physiotherapists before taking your pet to them for treatment.

These job titles are not protected, so theoretically anyone can call themselves that. Ask your vet beforehand whether he can recommend a competent alternative animal practitioner or animal physiotherapist if necessary.

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Alternative treatment methods only from reputable sources

If you prefer alternative treatments for your pet, you should only obtain healing methods such as acupuncture from reputable sources. On the one hand, your vet can recommend someone who is skilled in herbal medicine, for example. On the other hand, you can have your pet treated by a veterinarian who has undergone additional training. In any case, the path to your pet’s recovery should lead through the veterinarian. The internet can only give you initial clues.

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