Pet lost or found: what to do?

Have you lost or found a pet? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster or budgerigar – you can’t just keep the animal, you have to report it. After all, the pet still belongs to the rightful owner. Here you can find out what to do if the worst comes to the worst.

Huh, where are you from?  If you've been struck by a cat or other animal, you must report it - Shutterstock / zippy

Huh, where are you from? If you’ve been struck by a cat or other animal, you must report it – Shutterstock / zippy

Is there a budgie crouching in front of your window looking for food? Has a cat meowed on your patio for days? Did a dog follow you home? However, where and whenever you have found a pet: You must report the find and may not simply keep the new animal friend – otherwise you will be liable to prosecution.

Legally, a boulder still belongs to the keeper

If you run into or find a lonely pet, the first thing you have to do is turn it in. As a finder, you must report the animal to the police, the regulatory office or an animal shelter, where the foundling will be taken care of and the actual owner will be found. Also possible: Contact the German central pet register TASSO eV – you can reach competent help around the clock on 06190-937300. Of course, if you know who owns the dog, cat, bird or rodent, you can and should first contact the owner.

You may be able to take in the animal you have found, at least temporarily. However, this is only possible in consultation with the police or the animal shelter. However, the animal does not belong to you for the first six months – until then the boulder remains the property of the owner.

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Found kittens or cat? How to act correctly

Anyone who has found kittens or a cat can do a number of things to help the animals. First…


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Trapped pet: Find out the owner yourself

If you’ve lost a pet, you can ask around the neighborhood to see if anyone is missing their canine companion. Maybe someone in the neighborhood knows whose pet got away. You should also be alert to possible wanted posters on the street. If you find a collared animal, examine it for tags or other clues that point to the owner. Dogs and cats in particular often have markings such as a tattoo or a chip – markings that are extremely helpful in locating the owner. The microchip, for example, is usually located on the left side of the neck in dogs and cats. It contains a number that a veterinarian can read and that indicates the owner. Caution: It is best not to touch young cats, as the velvet paws may then be rejected by their mothers.

Speaking of the vet: If you have found a severely emaciated, exhausted or even injured animal, you must go to the vet immediately.

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