Parrot meets kitten: “Let’s be friends!”

Will the kitten and the parrot become friends in this video? While the little gray bird is trying very hard to take care of its buddy, he is obviously still a little afraid of his animal roommate.

Parrot Sammy doesn’t have it easy with his playmate. The kitten is still a bit shy and would rather hide or run away than play with him. The bird would like to romp around with the velvet paw and even throws her a toy, but unfortunately without much success. Instead, the kitty prefers to eat a little dry food.

“Okay, let’s have lunch now!” Sammy seems to be thinking and quickly grabs the cat’s food bowl, part of the treats ending up on the floor. “It doesn’t matter!”, the bird probably thinks and eats diligently. When the Gray Parrot finishes his meal, he makes one last overture and snaps at the fur ball’s tail. Oops, the kitty jumped aside in fright. It will probably be a while before the two little animals become best friends.

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2/10/2014 – 5:47 p.m

Unlimited affection: Very special animal friendships

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