Owls as photo models? Six good reasons

Owls are among the most fascinating nocturnal creatures on our planet. The beautiful large birds are represented worldwide with over 140 different species. Our picture gallery shows why owls are also perfect for beautiful snapshots.

Owls are always photoworthy because... they look amazing in full flight — Image: Shutterstock / Peter Schwarz

Owls are always photoworthy because… they look amazing in full flight — Image: Shutterstock / Peter Schwarz

Owls are high on the popularity list of birds not only because of their uniqueness, but also because of their wise facial expression and the clever big eyes. Maybe that’s why you see them so often in children’s books, cartoons or cinema blockbusters like “Harry Potter”. In some regions, the owl is also considered a lucky charm and is particularly popular there.

Owls like to be out and about at night

It’s actually a pity that owls are so rarely seen during the day. But they have a good excuse: the nocturnal hunters sleep while the sun shines, resting and preparing for their next missions. Only the wonderful snowy owls make a small exception and often show themselves with their white plumage in daylight. Nevertheless: If you want to take a picture, you have to be patient, prepare for a little night hike – or look at our six good reasons why owls are so great in front of the camera.

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